The NAW Pretends to be Many Groups


In late 1999, the New American Wing was maintaining at least three different web sites, each presenting itself as a different organization:

None of these sites show any indication at all of being connected to the NAW. There are no links between the sites, and none of them discuss their lineage. However, it is clear that these are each just a facade for the NAW.

Proof of their deception

It is easy to recognize that these are each just a front for the NAW:

  1. All three domains are registered under the same address:

    3101 Richmond Rd. Ste. 313-206
    Lexington, KY 40509

    Gee, what a surprise -- they're in Kentucky, just like the NAW.

  2. All three domains have the same administrative contact and billing contact:

    Paterson, Michael

  3. All three domains were registered in October 1998, two of them on the exact same day.

  4. All three sites share a similar structure, including identical keywords in their HTML headers.

  5. All three sites behave the same way when you contact them. First they suggest reading Ouspensky's book, "The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution". Once you've read the book, they schedule an "introductory meeting".

Motivation for the lie

At this point it is obvious that these are all the same organization. Can you think of reasons why they might do this?

The most important reason is that they want to limit your access to critical information. With many different names, criticism of one group does not tarnish the reputation of the other names.

Doesn't this behavior seem strange for a group that claims to bring us towards a higher state of consciousness and self-understanding? For people searching for a healthy influence in their lives, these web sites serve as an introduction to the group, and yet from the very first contact the NAW is already engaging in significant deception.

This also shows that they care more about using you than helping you. They want to hide information from you, because if you knew the full story you would not join. What does this say about their priorities? It says that, if given the choice, they would rather lie and protect themselves than be sincere and help you make a sound decision.

If the group had nothing to hide, would this kind of behavior be necessary?

Would you trust your soul to such an organization?

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